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Khabam Nemibare

Hand painted, stop animation film made over 3 weeks. Filming live action performances at various intervals during the painting process  to capture the artwork in stages. Allowing the final film to show the artwork both moving and static, which gives it moments of calm and moments of energy alike.

- Animation: Jo Peel

- Film: Jordan Carroll


A film by Jordan Carroll

This video was shot in 3 different locations, peddler basement, wood works and behind Sheffield’s train station. A moody basement was created by simple lighting and a mad amount of haze.


Shirin Shirina

A film by Pale Raven Pictures 
Produced and directed by Cieran Ryan, Assistant Director: Dale Raven, DOP and Edit: Carl Stanley 
Performers: Jaleh Fallah, Joth Davies, Simon Mark, Agnetha Louise Spencer, Thomas Husbands, Dale Raven, Jack Hutson, David Pollit, Sami Jane, Joe Seph, Joanna Durczak, Oskar Forrest Young, Scarlett Petty, Ben Thompson, Hagrid The Dog, Jakey Shallow, Missy Van Schaick


Produced and directed by Roagan Hall & Joe Hannaghan
Cinematography by Joe Hannaghan, Edited by Thomas Hirst  - As part of 2weeks2MakeIt
Starring: Jade Robi, Jordan Roberts, Lawrence Henry Grey

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